Share: Capture and share video tours of your designs

How to capture videos of your AR home designs and share them on social media.


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Reach more viewers and potential clients by using Kavtek to capture and share high-quality video of your home design ideas.

Capturing video of your AR home designs

To record a video of your AR home design scene:

  • Design a space with new paint, flooring, and products
  • Open the utility menu
  • Tap the record button to start recording and tap again to stop

Tip: Walk around as you record the video to help viewers experience your designs as if they were real!

Your video will automatically start playing in a loop so you can review it. If you're happy with the video, tap share and choose where you'd like to post it.

Posting your video to social media

The key to getting your content in front of qualified clients is having an active presence and posting frequently. Consider creating a new AR walkthrough video for each of your active listings or design projects. If you make augmented reality part of your social media toolkit, you’ll quickly brand yourself as a cutting-edge professional.

If you're a real estate professional, share AR walkthrough videos with potential buyers to show exactly how a home can be transformed to match their style with products and decor they love. You can get serious buyers prepared to make an offer before they physically step foot in a home.

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