What can I do with Kavtek?

Watch the video below for a brief overview on Kavtek Pro.

If you're a real estate agent or home design professional, you can use Kavtek to:

  • Capture and convert leads: Automatically get more leads by sharing your unique invite code with new contacts. Use Kavtek to qualify leads, provide immediate value to new clients, and extend customer relationships. Powered by our My Clients feature for Professionals.
  • Virtually design any space: Transform how your clients experience a home with augmented reality (AR). Change flooring, paint walls, landscape, and place new products to design a better space with the tap of a button.
  • Share AR video tours: Capture and share walkthrough videos that preview what an existing home could look like with design updates. Powered by by our AR Video Sharing feature.
  • Collaborate with clients: Create a new design for your clients and save it for them to preview on their own device. Make changes to a home and collaborate to finalize a project's design before making any physical changes.
  • Try before you buy: Place life-size products using AR to see how they fit, feel, and look in a home. Create a shopping list with your favourite products to stay within a specific budget.

Kavtek's subscriptions are unlimited and ad-free, which lets you invite your clients and provide them access to all of our home design features. When your clients sign up using your invite code they get Kavtek Premium 100% free.

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